Render Brain

A new way to render... better

Render your compositions in the background
Locally or over the network

Dual BG Renderer

Render Brain lets you render locally or over the network, splitting or sharing renders... hassle-free

Background Renderer

Render your compositions in the background and continue to work in After Effects. 100% Free

Network Renderer

Render your compositions on other machines over the network as a background process. Pro Version

Mac and Windows... Together?

Yes! Network rendering is possible regardless of machines OS. Send renders over the network from mac to windows machines, or the other way around. A singular and innovative feature.

+ =

Track and Control your renders

With Render Brain Jobs panel (included)

Industry Proven

Built and developed in high-volume and time sensitive studios, to create a stable and easy-to-use plugin

Speed up

Uninterrupted work with local or network background render

Cross platform

Utilize all available computing power, on a single/multiple machines...
Mac and/or Windows!

Watch it in Action​

All you need to know to get going

Online Video Course

A full and free Course to get you from familiar to a Render Brain Professional in no time

Full Documentation

All the features, capabilities and tips in one place. Take all the gathered experience from Online Editors around the world

Main features

Render Brain packs powerful features
making the render process effortless and fast like never before

Work during renders

Render Brain allows you to work Continuously while rendering in the background

No Media Encoder issues

Render Brain uses the render queue engine in the background so every render has maximum stability

One click network setup

Render Brain has the easiest network setup and handling. No need for a network specialist

Tools integration

Natively works with VDODNA's tools like Versions Pro-Mo/Sheets as a render engine

Customize workload

Change your maximum concurrent renders based on your machine's abilities

Diagnostics tools

Along side with full support Render Brain includes native diagnostics for solving each setup challanges

Choose your plan

Checkout will be directed to VDODNA main site
Basic plan will be directed to the Adobe Creative Cloud site

Local usage
  • Local BG-Renderer
  • Single Machine
  • Network setup
  • Always free!
  • Local BG-Renderer
  • Network BG-Renderer
  • 2 Machines
  • Billed annually
Office Hive
  • Local BG-Renderer
  • Network BG-Renderer
  • 5 Machines
  • Billed annually
Super Hive
  • Local BG-Renderer
  • Network BG-Renderer
  • 12 Machines
  • Billed annually

Frequently asked questions

Which After Effects versions are supported?

Render Brain supports all versions of After Effects from CC2018 to the current (CC2024 and above are recommended)

Any hardware requierments?

Working smoothly In After Effects while background rendering requires at least 32G of RAM

What support is included?

Besides full documentation and video course we offer Super-Fast email support and Zoom video support

Does it also work on a mac?

Render Brain works on Windows and Macintosh machines, you can also send renders over the network regardless of the OS

Do you offer a Trial?

We offer something better! Render Brain is free and we recommend using it before purchasing a pro license

Can I offer new features?

Render Brain is developed to fit your studio demands. If you have an idea how to make it even better, do share it with us!

No Hidden Fees
Free Evaluation
Cancel Anytime

Evaluation Version
The free version of render brain may be local renderer only but all network infrastructure is active to help you evaluate before purchasing 
Render Brain Subscription
We offer a monthly or yearly subscriptions that include usage license, updates and full support
We offer full refunds in yearly subscriptions relative to months left until yearly subscription ends (based on monthly pricing plans)
Cancel anytime
No matter if in trial or subscription period. Easily cancel it directly from your account with no exit fees